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Industries 4.0 Exective Briefing

Industries 4.0 for Executives

Industries 4.0 Executive Briefing

Get a fast introduction into Industries 4.0 to understand its impact and chances for your business. You will be inspired how a steady evolutionary transformation and retro-fitting of an organization or a community can be done in the spirit of industries 4.0 for a future-oriented cooperative enterprise in a shared platform economy without breaking your existing stricture al of a sudden.

This course is for you if you want to understand

  • What Industries 4.0 can do and what it cannot
  • Disruptive business models with Industries 4.0
  • Benefits and Risks of Industries 4.0
  • Use of Industries 4.0 in various industry sectors
  • Disruption caused by Industries 4.0 for agriculture and health care
  • The technology required to implement Industries 4.0
  • Principles of machine assisted analytics
  • How machines can easily interact with humans
  • Security, safety, privacy and blockchain
  • Myths and truth about Artificial Intelligence


Fast-track introduction to Industries4.0 for decision and policy makers

The goal of this course is to lift decision makers and executives into a position to participate in technology talks that are relevant for decisions that integrate computer technology and artificial intelligence, understand the benefits, costs and disadvantages of Industries 4.0 and create ideas for new future business models.

Why to attend?

Industries 4.0 describes the new art to connect computer systems from many different cooperating organizations into one autonomous artificial intelligence network. Data is collected via the Internet of Things then merged with existing data sources from participating parties and processed by artificial intelligence technology to make decisions and let machines and computer networks operate autonomously.

Target Audience

The seminar targets executives and decision makers that need to build future business models as well as policy makers who need to develop the future living and want to learn how industries 4.0 can support them or will force them to adopt technology.


To master this course an elementary understanding of computer sciences and engineering is required as it is the case with decision makers concerned with digital topics.


Participants of the seminar will receive the Blue Elefant Certificate of Excellence.

Course Duration

  • 1 day:         Short version (lecture only) - (recommended for executives)
  • 3 days:       Extended version: lecture and use case modelling (for project directors)
Course Content

The course is a compact introduction to terminology, use cases and implementation strategy for Industries 4.0 like manufacturing, agriculture, health care or logistics.

  • What Industries 4.0 can and cannot do
  • Use cases in various business sectors
  • Benefits, Risks and Disruptive business
  • The technology for Industries 4.0
  • Machine learning: From data to analytics