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5 Day Cloud Computing Work Shop

Curriculum of the 5 day seminar:

  1. Day1: Cloud Computing –Different variations of cloud computing

  • Day 1 will define the terminology and its various interpretations in real practice. Examples of typical use cases and the basic principles of cloud computing will be covered in much detail.
  • Platform, Infrastructure and software as a Service
  • Service reuse in a cloud
  • Grid computing
  • Elastic computing cloud
  • Use cases for cloud computing
  • Outlook on evolution of cloud computing in near future

Day 2: Basics of Service oriented Architecture

SOA is the technological ground works for cloud computing. Understanding the concepts of general common practices like Enterprise Service Bus, web services and alternative distributed remote program communication, patterns of distributed computing, communication patterns and communication protocols are reviewed here.

Day 3: Implementing the Technology for the cloud

Cloud computing combines a large number of technological components that need to work together in harmony. Implementing application programs and communication infrastructure requires governance for implementation and operation, security and safety measures and harmonic, standards based life cycle management. Topics covered include:

  • Implementation and deployment
  • Service contract
  • Service life-cycle and release management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security in the cloud
  • Service Safety and Quality control in cloud

Day 4: Holistic Project Management

Cloud computing means that there will be ultimately an enormous number of individual software components and computers interacting and communicating with each other. More than that: software and its services will be owned by numerous independent domain owners. The challenge of the future will be to define practical contracts and supervision of well-behaviour of all parties in such a metamorphosing ultra-large network of software services.

Project and change management in the cloud differs significantly from what has been common practiced in classical IT. This section teaches holistic practices to manage ultra large distributed projects in the cloud.

Day 5: Colloquium on cloud computing and examination

On the last day of the seminar the participants will review all together a demo cloud project and enter in a discussion on applying the principles of cloud computing practice, like defining and verifying service contracts, setting up the operating and monitoring, avoiding disaster and define a scenario for putting end of life to services.

After the colloquium all participants will have the chance to pass an examination to receive a qualified certificate in cloud computing.