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Deepak Sareen

Advisor to Policy Makers and International Business

Mr Deepak Kumar Sareen dedicated his 40 years of experiences to successful implementation of techno commercial projects of national importance and export development and worked in various private and government positions..

Mr Deepak Kumar Sareen is a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from MIT and a post-graduate in Marketing Management from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi with over 39 years of work experience dedicated to successful implementation of techno commercial projects of national importance and export development. 

In 1982, Mr Sareen and his team conceived and successfully delivered the Colour TV project in India using Low Power TV Transmitters (LPTV’s) broadcast and the INSAT satellite systems to cover the entire country for Asian 82 games. This was the first time colour TV broadcast relayed throughout the country and sparked the beginning of enterprise content development throwing open the market entry of private businesses to enter the market. The manufacturing sector of Low Power TV transmitters also opened up thereafter to private sector and generated employment for thousands of young engineers and technicians. 

In 1984, Mr Sareen and his team developed the Security related electronics industry in India for the Non Aligned Ministers meet that required special security measures. This endeavour later developed into a whole new industry of Security Electronics that thrives on latest technologies even today. From 1990 onwards, Mr Sareen has worked extensively with the Indian ICT industry for development of Software & Electronics hardware exports contributing US $143 billion into India’s export basket of $500 of merchandise exports and services during 2018-19. Mr Sareen also has over 30 years of professional experience in several assignments related to foreign trade and development, market study and research, with over 25 years’ experience in export promotion of Computer Software, Information Technology and Electronics. He also has vast experience with major markets of export namely, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, Israel, South Korea, Brazil etc. Mr Sareen has represented in several high level focused Committees of the Government like E-Commerce, E-Governance, Free Trade Agreement Consultations, Bilateral Trade and Cooperation, Business Councils etc. 

Through his interface with industry, Mr Sareen has been instrumental in facilitating business relationships by providing valuable and important network to foreign companies, financial institutions, venture capital firms and specialized trade bodies and associations to facilitate strategic alliances, joint ventures, business collaborations and partnerships with Indian electronics and information technology companies in different parts of the world. In addition, Mr Sareen has been engaged and involved in various assignments with United Nations (UN), World Electronics Forum (WEF), Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Denmark Import Promotion Organization (DIPO) Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI), The Netherlands, UKTI, US-IBC etc. Mr Sareen is also a part time Volunteer with Isha Foundation having completed several of their Meditation & Yoga programs. He is actively involved in Social activities of assistance to the causes of under privileged education, health care, advancement through Self Help groups with Charitable Trusts funding etc.